NerdGeekNinja has a podcast!

ngn-podcastCome join me, my husband Lee, and sometimes our NinjaBaby while we nerd out about movies and television!

The NerdGeekNinja Podcast is the show that’s for you but you can listen to with your kid(s) around. Discussing current and streaming films and shows, The NGN (NerdGeekNinja) wants people to watch t.v as a family again.

Of course not everything is child friendly, so we’ll let you know with our recommendations. If you haven’t noticed, we love being Black and Nerdy and each episode we rate the blerd power of everything we watch. The Blerd Power rating allows us to track the diversity of media we allow our NinjaBaby and ourselves to consume, because “representation matters”. Seeing ourselves and other marginalized groups in media helps shape positive feelings of self and aids in dispelling negative stereotypes about other people. Our world isn’t just black & white and neither are the  things we watch. Check out The NerdGeekNinja on iTunes and Opinion!

Check out each episode below and comment on the show: