My Moment With Tyson: Reflecting On Depression 

My daughter’s school has a therapy dog named Tyson and today I needed him just as much as the children sometimes do. Tyson’s a beautiful big black lab with kind eyes and is very good at his job. Kids will greet him in the morning with a pat or smile. My 5 year old daughter,the… Continue reading My Moment With Tyson: Reflecting On Depression 

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Rogue Onesie: NinjaBaby Makes Coffee

It’s our premier episode!   We’re super excited about getting our podcast off to a trot (I’m not a fan of running – don’t judge me). Listen to our first episode, “Rogue Onesie” where we discuss Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Episode One of The NerdGeekNinja Podcast    Rogue Onesie Please forgive us for any… Continue reading Rogue Onesie: NinjaBaby Makes Coffee

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Snakes In The Garden: A Tale Of Betrayal 

***ATTENTION THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS! CALM IT DOWN*** Every family has that one Uncle that you’re not entirely sure about. And last weekend I realized that my brother, whom I love, may be that Uncle.  Last weekend, my 5 year old reached an important milestone on her journey to becoming the… Continue reading Snakes In The Garden: A Tale Of Betrayal 

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Tubs of Fun! Diy Bath Crayons

Yea, I know. . .lame pun 😏 If your NinjaBaby is like mine bath time can be a fun filled disaster! With giggles and bubbles, soaked floors and rubber duckies. Yes, lots of fun for NinjaBaby, total mess for mom. So, after watching an episode of “Creative Galaxy”, on Amazon Prime, about creating art during bath time.… Continue reading Tubs of Fun! Diy Bath Crayons