Ninja Nap Time


Remember when your child was all new and life was simple? Yea I can barley remember too. But looking at this picture of my Ninja Baby helps a bit.

Now I have a 2 year old and in the baby-dom that’s like a 16 year old who’s still in diapers. They fight tooth and nail for control; you feel like you’re doing everything wrong; they hate you then they love you again; they drive you crazy; they don’t think they can die (and don’t say “Well teens know there’s consequenses to their actions” really? Then why is there underage drinking, teen drug use, etc., etc.). I swear I feel like my child is a teenager in a baby’s body thank God she can’t drive. Although if like was like a Jasper Fforde novel then people would get their drivers license based on maturity rather than age. . . Oh well *wink and high five to the nerds who know what I’m talking about*

But I love my little TNB (Thug Ninja Baby), aka The Sweetness; because, at the end of the afternoon when she’s napping and I’m trying to tidy up the destruction that is my home while giving myself a pep talk . . . I can hear my neighbor coming home from picking up her crying, screaming, whining 3 year old and I know I’m not alone (he’s actually a really sweet boy).

My hope for this blog is that I get to write post while my daughter is napping. This, thank God in heaven, is the first nap she’s had in a week and a half. She was going through this surge of energy for the past days and I’ve been exhausted. No matter what I did with her or where I took her, come nap time she’d still be wide awake. I tried the usually things; I took her on long walks, took her to play at the park, the library, running around the house, running errands, going shopping, play dates. . . Nothing. . . wide awake. . . *sigh

So now she’s asleep and although I’m very grateful there’s always that underlining fear; “I hope this is a long nap and not a short nap”, “Oh no is that her stirring? I’m not ready!”, “Please go back to sleep, just a few more minutes”, “I wanted to take a shower and I’ve been wasting time catching up on True Blood!”. . . is that just me?

I have tried the whole “just put them in their room and close the door” thing, but when you’re child is a ninja it just ends up being more work in the end. She destroys EVERYTHING, toys everywhere, book thrown, sometimes pages ripped. If I go that approach then I at least want her to be kind of tired. How bought yall?

What are some things that you all do to get your little Ninjas to take a nap?

What are some things that you like to get done while your little Ninja is napping?

And please give me feed back on what you think of my blog so far.

4 thoughts on “Ninja Nap Time

  1. I like the blog so far. My interest has been piqued and I would like to know more about the nerd, the geek, and the ninja baby.

    To get my ninja baby to take a nap I take him to the park and let him run like crazy. Sometimes, however, this works on me and not him. While my ninja baby sleeps, I love to think about cleaning but I always end up watching youtube or netflix.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I know how that is; even today my little Ninja took a nap and I just had so many other things I needed to do. This morning I got a workout in, but after that I was just praying that she would take a nap so I could get one too. LOL. When she finally went down, I had a sinus headache and decided to candle my ears instead. Doing that made me feel much better so I got online to post and at the very moment I log in. . . .she wakes up LOL. That’s life with a Ninja baby.

  2. Hey creator of all things ninja. I love the blog. I had no idea you were one amongst us trying to be the perfect mom. I thought you were just simply perrrrfect. I went from being a stay at home mom to working full time (or part time depending on the season) after my second child turned a year old. Particular people starting insisting that my switch to a “working mom” must be so much harder. It isn’t at all. Somehow I get an unintentional break from my superhuman kids buy having a job. Raising your children as a stay at home mom means that you can insure that you are the sole influence in their life and that they are feeling the most authentic love anyone can receive. I don’t have my kids in daycare, never will, I don’t believe in that. Nor have my children ever been out my or my husband presence except when i was giving birth to my daughter, i hated my son was not with us. I have a hard time trusting others with my children. Im protective of this stage in their life because i feel this is the time when their personalities are written. I love my kids personalities as they are. I don’t want anyone changing them. As a mom i want to only enhance the good and show them that they are unique for traits that others may choose not to want to see in them. Its hard because family comes by and say why haven’t you guys mowed the grass, picked out the weeds, even put up blinds in every room yet. Its not because Im not a clean freak (because I am). Im just a clean freak that knows things are going to get back dirty and id rather spend this hour valuably with my kids. And wait until they finaLLLLLLLLY go to sleep, to clean. We don’t get a ‘break’ because we choose not to. He works then I’m with the kids, i work then he’s with the kids. We haven’t been out on a date, movie night or anything without them. We feel like someday our kids will be our age, and we don’t want to enforce a bond on them then. I see so many parents who barely made time for their kids while they were an adolescent but the once they become an adult the parents think that adult child is suppose to be so up under them all the time like best bud. I want my kids to go out and live their own life independently and joyfully while my husband and I finally go out on date by ourself when we are 50. But I love to see that you are going through what I’m going through, cause sometimes i feel like I’m failing. And this doesn’t make it okay to fell. I just kind of let you see that if someone else can lift them self up so can I. I want to be a stay at home mom again. The hubs and I are diligently working on making money from home. We are actually about 25 percent there at this point. I love you for this Ninja’s Mom. I know you differ on the whole babysitting thing its just a very personal lifestyle preference of mine and my feeling get really hurt when anyone tells me I need to let my kids be around other people without me around. My kids do socialize a lot. I don’t intervene in my kids conversations with people, Im not overbearing or anything. A lot of times my kids don’t even notice me, Im just a fly on the wall a lot of time. I just don’t want to ever have to regret that I or my husband were’t there for them. I just feel my children are precious and they cant fend for themselves against a lot things out there in this world and that God has in trusted me and my husband with their wellbeing. Some people are blessed to have a life a full of many people that are trustworthy, I just happen not to be one of those people. But I am blessed in so many other ways. I practically just wrote my own post in your comments. Sorry for that, but i actually wanted to communicate with you for a while now. That why I went to your child’s birthday play date with my family. You probably know who this is finally now. And probably thinking that girls nuts. Yeah I kind of am, just really passionately love the family God allowed me to procreate. Well thats enough bye for now.

    1. Thanks Mrs. *wink wink*. And thank you for coming to my Ninja Baby’s birthday party and thank you for her gift, my baby loves to color. And I know how you feel, it took us FOREVER to find a babysitter out here in LA. I also have trust issues and was really specific with my Geek of a husband about what I wanted. When we first moved out here my cousin babysat for us a few times, but she’s a teacher and her schedule was to hectic for it to be a regular thing. We also have a good amount of family out in LA but they’re all so busy, so they’re never available when we need them, it’s a blessing that I have family that I trust, but my family’s needs didn’t match their schedules. For a while my husband and I would only get a date if we went home and had a family member that we trust watch her. As moms we try so hard to do the right thing, have our kids around the right type of people, and protect them from the evils of this world for as long as we can. . .it’s easy to see why so many moms get burned out. Stay at home or working moms at the heart of it still have the same struggles.

      I’m glad you feel content with your strategy until the little ones get older. I’m a believer in date nights; now that we found a babysitter that we love and trust the hubs and I try to get our date on at least once a month. It’s something we both look forward to and I’m really grateful for them. Once they get a little older and they can answer your questions clearly; then maybe you’ll be able to give yourself a little leeway and find a babysitter or family member you trust and go on a date with your husband. . .before you’re both 50 lol.

      Thank you again for commenting on my blog. And please tag me in your blog or email me your updates at nerdgeekninja@gmail.com

      God willing I’ll get to see you and your two cuties the next time we come home.

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