Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time a perspicacious, magnanimous, quirky nerd girl met a handsome, cocky, jerk. . .

Thankfully; this handsome, cocky, jerk turned out to actually be a handsome, applicable, passionate geek and the two became fast friends. She was worldly and he adventerous; she knew interesting facts about great people in history and he knew. . .  all there is to know about any Marvel or D.C comic book character. She loved Star Wars and he. . . had never seen the original trilogy; I mean come one who hasn’t seen the original trilogy it’s STAR WARS! It’s awesome! How could you come in all late with the prequels and the reedited versions? I mean really. . .but I digress! One day the Geek asked the sweet young Nerd to be his wife, she accepted and they were married. Three years later and the the loving couple were excepting their first child. Very early on the Nerd knew that her child would be different somehow . . . the Force . . . was strong in this one. And she was right, the Nerd and the Geek on a beautiful spring afternoon gave the world a beautiful . . . Ninja Baby. 

Now in her fifth year of marriage with her wonderful Geeky husband and her toddler Ninja daughter, this Nerdy girl is writing a blog because she need help. This is my life, it’s what I signed up for. . . but it’s still really weird.

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