Llama Llama Luda!

Making story time fun for everyone can be a daunting task. Especially if your little ones love reading the same story almost every night. As a mom I often try to shake the story up, similar to how my parents did, by using funny voices or placing my child’s name somewhere in the story. I do it for me as much as I do it for my kid. Because seriously how many times have you fallen asleep while reading a story, only to awaken to a toddler mean mugging you?

If you’re a parent of kids younger than 10 years old, you’re probably familiar with the “Llama Llama” children’s books. Well my timeline blew up with the Llama Llama Red Pajamas book this morning! Why? Because one of my favorite Southern rappers, Ludacris aka Luda, was on Power 106 doing his version of the beloved bedtime story. Listen to his Luda Llama rendition.

Apparently host J Cruz of The Cruz Show has been convincing rappers to rap the children’s book since October of last year. Artists such as, Desiigner and D.R.A.M totally have fun with the task and putting their unique spin on the story. Other artists are a little more hesitant, whether it’s because it’s so early in the morning or nerves. . .not everyone enjoyed reading infront of the class at school a task that can make many people nervous. The host do a great job of making their guest feel comfortable and it’s a fun time for all.

NerdGeekNinja knows it’s important to establish a love of reading early on in your children’s lives. Nite Nite NinjaBaby episodes of The NerdGeekNinja Podcast want to do just that by making reading fun and books an adventure. You can find episodes here or subscribe to The NerdGeekNinja Podcast on iTunes

So far, I totally see why Fast and The Furious actor and Chicken & Beer restaurant owner, Ludacris’ rendition is the fav right now. I could listen to an entire album of Luda rapping popular children’s books. Maybe start with Goodnight Moon? C’mon Luda do it for the kids. 

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