Why #BlackHijabiChallenge Is The Best Thing On Twitter Right Now

Ummm, so let’s talk about the trending hashtag #BlackHijabiChallenge and why it is so darn awesome! 

First it all stemmed from a conversation between @Margari_Aziza and @KeiyAlexis on Twitter:

Muslim sisters who cover want to stunt on em but can’t 😩.

Then ya girl @Nerd_Geek_Ninja received a spark of inspiration:

Behold! The birth of a hashtag.

From there @KeiyAlexis took off and started the #blackhijabichallenge and encouraged others to tag and invite more people! The response was amazing and now it’s trending in the US and U.K. 

There are so many reasons to love this hashtag and know it’s the best, but here are a few of mine:

1. All this Black Muslim history 

From sisters like @TinyMuslimah and @msbmack educating and reminding the masses about Black Muslims’ use of the word khimar rather than hijab. But also taking us on a ride through the history of black Muslim women in America, who were not afraid to wear outward displays of their faith way back in the day.

Khimar is what we wear, Hijab is what we adhere to.

NOI forever unapologetically Black and Muslim

2. All this love and acknowledgement.

Non black Muslims, black non Muslims, non black non Muslims. Having people acknowledge and love the image of Black Muslim women was so beautiful and powerful. Especially when so often our stories and voices get passed over.

3. How Black Muslim women slay and are absolutely adorable!

Slay sissy pooh slay!!!

Jenny looks like she’s about to drop some knowledge!
Adorable because you’ll never know how old we are.

4. Inclusion and Representation matter.

Often left on the outside looking in hashtags like #blackhijabichallenge, #blackmuslimramadan, and #blackmuslimeid allow Muslims to participate in connecting on social media in a fun way. Our stories matter.

5. A mutual love for Church Hats!

Hey, any sister who loves Church Hats as much as me, has my love and admiration. Like many Black American Muslims my parents converted to Islam, so my extended family is mostly Christian. Souther Baptist to be exact. If there was one thing my grandmother loved, it was stunt’n in an ornate (often of her own design) church hat on Sunday. . .and of course praising the Lord. 

Church Hat game straight 🔥🔥🌟🌟🔥🔥

I may be wrong, but Church Hats & Hijab is an exclusively Black American Muslim trend. And black Muslim women are most definitely trendsetters!

Church Hats make me smile.

Alhamdulillah I’m so grateful and happy that I was able to play my small part in the #BlackHijabiChallenge. I connected with so many truly amazing people. InshaAllah, we helped put something positive into the world this Ramadan. 

If you want to check out what more the hashtag has to offer click on #BlackHijabiChallenge

You can also checkout other great blog post about about the #BlackHijabiChallenge here:

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