Ninjababy Backpack

So, NinjaBaby has a lot of backpacks….mostly from people gifting them to her, Masha’Allah they’re very sweet. And sometimes they come as a “free” gift in a bulk box of pull-ups. But I i just now started to notice just how many, because things started going missing….books, clothing, little knickknacks. I’ve found a couple of bags packed recently. And just now I’ve found another 😐…..

Here’s a list and picture of the contents:
•Paper towel roll
•Loose pretzels
•A towel

•Fortress of The Muslim (a book of suplications)
•Empty sticker sheet

NinjaBaby packed this bag herself
NinjaBaby packed this bag herself. 

•Various toys: can of “food”, lil pet shop house, 1 domino (usually pretends its a cellphone), candyland game piece
•2 erasers
•Yellow colored pencil

Which begs the question, “where is she going? What is she prepairing for? Is ninjababy on some information that I don’t know?” Maybe, or maybe she’s just having wonder lust. But my sister did send me link about packing an emergency “just in case bag” a few weeks ago. I’m going to take this as a reminder to pack one for my family. If you don’t have one, maybe think about buying or making one for yourself.

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